Monday, January 30, 2012

Pink Pleats

(Dress - IWearSin Clothing | Heels & Necklace - Forever 21 | Bracelets Courtesy of Stella and Dot)

Last week I was invited by a fellow blogger gal friend to attend our first blogger event at Blushington.  Upon our arrival we were greeted with a friendly welcome along with champagne and cupcakes! We were given a tour of the newest Stella and Dot collection, a make-over, and at the end given ultra cute goody bags. This gorgeous "Luna Wrap Bracelet" was just one of the goodies. Its elegance was perfect for this firty pleated dress. I've been unintentionally purchasing clothing from spring colored palettes. Can't wait to show you guys the other great pieces!

On a side note, I also attended a last minute DineLA deal this weekend at Cafe Bizou. It was probably the cheapest DineLA I've attended with a three course meal for just $16. The lobster bisque was delish with the perfect combination of flavor and creamy goodness ( ones I've had before were too salty). As for my main course I devoured the Lobster, Shrimp, Scallop ink pasta ( first time having black pasta) which could have had a little more flavor to it. Ended the meal with yummy Tiramisu!

Hope everyone had a great week/weekend!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hello there, Sunshine.

(Forever 21 Skirt/Top/Necklace | "Around Town" Heels  - Nine West)

What a transition it was going from about 5 layers of clothing to well, almost no layers back here in California. Back home the sun shines bright , hitting the 70 degrees-ish range this week! I decided to pair an Aztec print top with my favorite black asymmetric skirt here. I've had this necklace for a few months now. Puts the chunky in chunky necklaces with it's layers of gold and leather. Not exactly a casual "lets go out with friends" look, but I wanted to take advantage of the warm weather that we have here and play a little dress up. 

Yay for it almost being Friday. A little quirky song to get you pumped up for the weekend!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Chicago Winter

(Coat & Faux Fur Scarf - H&M | Pants - Zara | Necklace & Sweater & Boots - Forever 21)
This coat has been in my closet for a few years now because it never got cold enough in California for me to take it out for a spin. The large buttons and pocket details on it make it look almost cartoon-like ( I call it my Madeline coat). With its forest green color, it breaks the tradition of black and gray coats without being overwhelmingly bold. My faux fur scarf also did a great job in keeping me warm even though with all the layers I was only able to survive outside for about 10 minutes at a time. If you couldn't tell I was super excited to dress up for the snow and take pictures in the city streets. Satisfaction has been reached!

Until next time my loves here is another pleasant tune that has been on replay on my playlist. Guess it sort of fits the mood of this post as well!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Travels: Adventures in Chicago, IL

(Coat/Pants - Zara | Scarf - Mango | Boots - Forever 21)
So I'm back from my weekend trip to the windy city to visit Le Chicago Boy and need I say it was great experiencing a legitimate winter. Although the temperatures were at numbers I'd never seen before (20's to single digit), the fluffy blankets of snow on top of rooftops and side walks made the city ever more beautiful. We tried to stay outdoors for as long as we could before our noses started to run, and when we did we tried to snap as many pictures as we could.  I still love how the city architecture gives it so much character and shows so much history. To sum things up, I really enjoyed the city view, playing in snow, and not to mention eating all around town. Hope you guys enjoy these pictures! Oh yeah, I also got to dress for a proper snowy day in the city so you betcha there will be an update on that outfit soon.



Thursday, January 19, 2012

Look Into My Eyes

Chiffon Top - Nasty Gal | Gloss Finish Denim - Zara | Boots - Express | Portfolio Clutch - ASOS
Headband/ Bracelet  - Forever 21
Decided to play with sunset hues after scoring this glossy finish denim at Zara. Their mind blowing sale is still going on. I'm also a sucker of anything chiffon because its so light, so this top paired with a cheetah print headband that I snatched from my sister finished this free spirited look. I'll be leaving for my adventure to Chi-town tomorrow, and need I say I've officially joined the last minute packers club. Items currently in my suitcase; socks. I won't be seeing everyone till next week when I get back.

In the meantime, enjoy this uplifting tune by Kaskade ft. Mindy Gledhill. For those of you who have had a long week, her voice will sooth your soul.



Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Love After War

(Sweater - H&M | Skirt/Necklace/Heels - F21 | Wristlet - Coach | Faux Fox Tail - Ebay)

Asymmetrical skirts are officially my new obsession. Think its because there is just something sultry about them. Scored this bold red one and decided to pair it with a color blocked sweater from H&M. The California weather has started to catch up with winter these past few days. However, I heard its nothing compared to the 14 degree nighttime weather in Chicago. In planning for my trip this upcoming weekend, I've schedule a shopping date with one of my gals to buy items that will help me survive in the unfamiliar city (thicker layers on top AND underneath). However, I am super excited for my trip and you can bet that I'll be documenting it for all of you!

On a side note, Robin Thicke's new album love after war has been on instant repeat on my playlist. Here is one of my favorite songs. Happy Tuesday!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Fashion for Charity

Photo Credits: Andrew Zhang & Linda Sau

It always feels rewarding to do something for a charitable cause. A few weeks ago, I met the girls of Antoinettes Boutique who are currently working with nonprofit Promote Africa to sell these PVC bracelets handcrafted by Namibian artisans from Africa. 100% of the proceeds are donated. So join the movement of fashion for charity and purchase a bracelet HERE.

Thank you so much to the girls of Antoinettes Boutique for giving me the opportunity to help. Their cute little shop also sells vintage, handmade, and globally crafted jewelry! Happy Monday!!!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Green Dream Machine

( Sweater - Everly | Button up - Lush | Shorts - BDG | Necklace & Bag - F21 | Heels - Glaze)

This slouchy emerald green sweater is my most comfortable recent purchase from nastygal. Loving the double pocket detail and the thickness of it all. Paired it with a pastel pink button up underneath to soften up the bold color. Threw in these berry colored heels just because it made it kind of quirky and spunky. I saw this necklace at a birthday dinner and quickly asked her where it was from. So when I unexpectedly stumbled upon it at Forever 21 I knew I had to snag it for myself. So far, its been going with all my outfits (dressed up or down). Hope everyone had a great weekend! <3

I'm also a sucker for acoustics. Here's a little pleasant tune to jump start your week! 


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Light Sweater Weather

(Necklace/ Sweater - F21 | BDG Jeans - Urban Outfitters | Clutch - H&M )
I've been gladly welcoming the Californian weather here for the past week. Someone told me that you can only find a temperature of 80 degrees in the middle of winter here on the sunny side of the states. So I've been taking advantage of this and heading out on tea outings and shopping trips with my gal friends in light sweaters (even one with holes in them). Green and pink are my favorite colors to pair together at the moment! Kind of a summery combination, but who says you can't wear pastels in the winter right? Thanks to one of my besties for handing this clutch down to me as she cleaned out her closet!

Excited for a DIY project coming soon!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lady-Like in Velvet Lace

(Skirt/Top/Necklace/Heels - Forever 21 | Clutch - Deux Lux)

Photos Taken by Rey T.
Edited by Me

Excited to kick off this new year with blogging about this outfit! After the New Year's Eve madness, all my friends and I decided to hibernate at home the day after. It wasn't till Monday morning that I lugged myself out of bed and had the chance to catch up with my friend Rey with brunch and a quick shoot. His work is amazing (link is above). This is another budget outfit, less than $70 including the heels. I love the feel of velvet, so when I got this skirt you can bet that I subconsciously felt my skirt the whole day. The fact that it is a hip-hugging bandage skirt somewhat elongated my petite frame and makes it seems like I have more legs than I really do. Paired it with this lace cropped tank, maroon mary-janes with the ankle cuffs, and accessorized with a chain-linked pearl necklace.  Result was a super feminine, lady-like look. Hope everyone had a great New Years!