Sunday, October 30, 2011

Champagne Glass

(Satin Cross Back Top - ANGL | Glass Charm Necklace - ASOS Revived | Bag - Aldo | Jeans - F21)

When I saw this necklace on the ASOS site I was so excited! Edgy accessories always get me, and this two layer necklace definitely had an UMPH to it. The different shapes and colors of the glass-like charms could spunk up any plain outfit. It's also from their revival line which means they're made from recycled or vintage pieces. However, I must say the glass cube on the longer necklace does make the necklace a little heavy. Decided to pair it with a satin champagne top that's almost boring from the front, but I love the feminine crossed straps in the back. 

Hope everyone had a great Halloween Weekend! Happy Sunday! 


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Diamond(s) are a Girl's Best Friend

(Shorts - DIY, Flannel - H&M, Shoes/Accessories- F21, Tee/Coin Pouch - Diamond ) 

Photography by Rey T
Edited by Me

My friend gave me his Diamond Tee shirt that was way too small for him.  Thought it was super cool cause it had a girl bathroom sign type of design on it with a diamond silhouette as a head.. Captioned, "Diamond is a girl's best friend". But since I am kind of tiny, I was almost swimming in it so I did a little cutting and made it a little more feminine. These are also the same DIY shorts from my last post. This look was fun and super comfortable. Decided to pair blues with brown/ cheetah prints for a more feisty feel * insert chuckle here*. I also got the Diamond Gucci colored coin pouch as a just because gift and I am in love with it. Maybe I'll post more pictures of it later on?

Happy Wednesday!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunshine and Blue Skies

(Crochet Top/Accessories - F21, Shorts - DIY, Shoes- Steve Madden) 

Photography by: Rey T.
Edited by: Me

Before summer ends, I happened to put together another super summer look. I found these shoes in my closet and fell in love with them again even though they aren't exactly made for walking. But the bright electric blue with the contrast of the bright orange was kind of uplifting to me. Kind of like sunshine and blue skies dontchathink? These are also another pair of thrifted DIY shorts that I made. These are less high waisted but I love the wash and how they fit. I would say this look is a little more feminine than my usual looks but I really enjoyed this and I hope you guys do too! 


Thursday, October 20, 2011

And so we found, the City Treasures.

( Army Green Pants/ Side Bag - UO, Striped Tank- H&M, Flannel - F21, Wedges - Steve Madden)

This is probably one of my favorite outfits that I've put together recently. Not because it's anything fancy, but because nothing is new. Just stuff I found in my closet. Its loose, baggy, and gives me no shape/form what so ever.  However, I love these casual colors for my casual days. 

On a random weekday one of my gal friends asked me to accompany her on an adventure to Barnes and Noble. As we wondered around the neighboring city we walked through an alley and found these amazing murals! I asked her to take some outfit pictures for me in front of this crazy artwork. Its insane how you can live in a city for almost your whole life and not know about this. These are just 2, there are about 3 more that I'll probably go back and take pictures with *insert chuckle here*. So on this random day, we went on a casual adventure and ended up finding the city treasures. 

Sounds cheesy, I know. 


Monday, October 17, 2011

The Basics of a Schoolyard Rebel

(Cropped Button Up - Fashion Q, DIY Shorts/Belt - Thrifted, Bracelet - F21, Boots - Steven Madden) 

So this is a super basic outfit, but I am super proud of it cause of these DIY shorts that I thrifted from a local Goodwill and cut myself. High waisted shorts were always on my "to buy" list but I really didn't feel like paying $40 for a pair. Thus, thrifting I went and it was only about $6! I also happened to snag this vintage looking belt at the same place. The braided chained bracelet is probably my favorite bracelet at the moment. Decided on this cropped button up because it was a color accent off the bracelet. 

Can't believe its only Monday! But I hope everyone had a great weekend <3


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Feeling blue? Lets jump on the yellow train.

(Blue and Yellow Top - Lush, Shoes/Corduroy Pants/Bag - F21, Leaf Necklace - Nordstrom) 

Nothing clears the mind better than good food and great company. I've been insanely in love with this leaf necklace lately. I find myself throwing it on with every outfit. Bought the blue and yellow top from a little shop off Melrose in LA. The yellow and blue isn't something I would usually see together which is something I like, AND the tie on the bottom just sold it for me. The tan bag is from Forever 21, and its just kind of my go to bag. 

Thing with go to bags is, it doesn't need to be expensive. As long as it's versatile in color and can serve your everyday needs! I've been smuggling a giant bag of Reeses Peanut Butter cups and Kit Kats in mine. See what I mean by everyday needs? 



Wednesday, October 5, 2011

If we could go back

( shorts/belt/button up/necklace - F21, Blazer- UO, Shoes - Korean Boutique, Bag- LV) 

So my friend and I randomly decided to shoot at the Elementary School where we first met. Which is like, 10+ years ago. Which makes you realize how fast time really flies. We then thought about how old we were, how much more simple things were, and if only we could go back in time where our troubles involved figuring out how to get sand out of our shoes. 

I remember how happy I was when I scored this blazer at UO. There's something about camel paired with navy that gets me every time. I'd definitely wear this outfit to work cause the shorts aren't too short. This blazer button up combo is a classic one. Adding the multi-layered necklace made it more fun! Also, figured a classic outfit like this would best be accompanied with the Louie. Hope you guys like!