Sunday, September 20, 2015

Chicago Recap / The Surprise

I've been meaning to post a recap of my latest trip to Chicago for the past week, so here ya go! It was awesome wrapping up my summer in this beautiful city. I attended North Coast Music Festival (officially kicking off my hiatus until Coachella) where Waceracer threw it down! Also, when in Chicago you just HAVE to try out a brunch joint or two. The Publican is one of those places that definitely deserves a visit. Their house bacon was good enough to cry for (and I almost did). Other than music and brunch, the boy also took me to the Brookfield Zoo (who doesn't love Zoos?!). 

As for the big surprise, I'm sure for those who are already following me on Instagram already know that on this same trip...YOUR GIRL IS NOW ENGAGED! Here are few of my favorite pictures captured by Chips Media of the entire proposal under the city lights. And of course, it wouldn't be us if we didn't throw in a dorky pose at the end.