Monday, February 13, 2012

Aquarium Day

Location: Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach CA.

I absolutely love aquariums. Especially ones that allow you to touch the sea animals! This weekend, I went on a little last minute trip to the aquarium with a few of my gal friends. Not only was it nice to see all the awesome coral and water life creatures, but being able to spend some quality girl time (that does not involve late night outings in the city) definitely felt great. Even though we were all in our twenty somethings, you could imagine the youthful glow in our faces when we found out we got to touch JELLY FISHES! We ran around like children, touching things, gazing at octopus and various tropical fishes, and getting our booklets stamped at various stations. At the shark lagoon, we got to pet sharks and sting rays. Ending the night with a walk on the pier (which was awkwardly romantic) we joked about how it felt like we were on a Pre-Valentines date and treated ourselves to some funnel cake.

Sorry for the lack of quality in the pictures, it was definitely convenient to prance around in the dark rooms with my little point and shoot. Oh, if you guys haven't noticed I also decided to sport some bangs hehe.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



  1. Love the outfit and your hair looks so cute!

  2. Ooh, how fun!
    Plus, I think the bangs look so cute on you <3

  3. hehe looks fun! love that sweater color!

  4. looks like so much fun! all the nemos and dorys :)

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    PS2: Happy Valentines!

  6. You look so cute!
    I'm not a huge fan of aquariums, I much prefer safari parks!
    Ciara xx

  7. Great pictures and you are so cute :)

  8. aw love aquariums too! and your pullover :)
    xxx love

  9. Nice pictures.. I went to the aquarium some time ago :) so nice ♥

  10. aww these photos are so cute! i love aquariums!
    Krissy xoxo

  11. your hair looks great dead straight. Lovely post!

  12. Magical! I've always been mesmerized by the underwater life


  13. aquariums are weirdly awesome, even though like 80% of things that live in the sea are GROSS. angler fish ewww. i like your jumper xx

  14. The pictures are awesome!
    Greets from Mexico!

    would you like to follow each other?

  15. These photos are beautiful! I love aquariums too! :D I want to go take outfit photos there now!

    Jennifer xx