Saturday, October 8, 2011

Feeling blue? Lets jump on the yellow train.

(Blue and Yellow Top - Lush, Shoes/Corduroy Pants/Bag - F21, Leaf Necklace - Nordstrom) 

Nothing clears the mind better than good food and great company. I've been insanely in love with this leaf necklace lately. I find myself throwing it on with every outfit. Bought the blue and yellow top from a little shop off Melrose in LA. The yellow and blue isn't something I would usually see together which is something I like, AND the tie on the bottom just sold it for me. The tan bag is from Forever 21, and its just kind of my go to bag. 

Thing with go to bags is, it doesn't need to be expensive. As long as it's versatile in color and can serve your everyday needs! I've been smuggling a giant bag of Reeses Peanut Butter cups and Kit Kats in mine. See what I mean by everyday needs? 




  1. I love that tank! I was just going to buy that tank at No Rest for Bridget in OC! Looks great on you!

    xx THE CHEAP

  2. nice top! :)

  3. Joannie, you are freaking adorable! love the whole look. keep up with the got yourself one more follower :)

  4. Great smile, like your style and its simple arts.
    If you plan visiting Atlanta anytime soon, get at me dear would like to buy you a drink. <3