Wednesday, October 5, 2011

If we could go back

( shorts/belt/button up/necklace - F21, Blazer- UO, Shoes - Korean Boutique, Bag- LV) 

So my friend and I randomly decided to shoot at the Elementary School where we first met. Which is like, 10+ years ago. Which makes you realize how fast time really flies. We then thought about how old we were, how much more simple things were, and if only we could go back in time where our troubles involved figuring out how to get sand out of our shoes. 

I remember how happy I was when I scored this blazer at UO. There's something about camel paired with navy that gets me every time. I'd definitely wear this outfit to work cause the shorts aren't too short. This blazer button up combo is a classic one. Adding the multi-layered necklace made it more fun! Also, figured a classic outfit like this would best be accompanied with the Louie. Hope you guys like! 



  1. Hi Joanee,

    I love your look. Especially the blazer and the navy blue shorts. You're right, the colors kinda look nice together. Haven't really tried that combination before. But will definitely try it out especially now that you gave me an idea. Haha. Been buying dark colored blazers, I think it is time for me to get a light colored one such as this brown blazer you have. :)

    Awesome look btw. ^__^

    Found your blog in you LB account! :P

    <3 Grysh

  2. 10 years ago indeed ;) <3


  3. I'm loving those colors together
    Love it