Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunshine and Blue Skies

(Crochet Top/Accessories - F21, Shorts - DIY, Shoes- Steve Madden) 

Photography by: Rey T.
Edited by: Me

Before summer ends, I happened to put together another super summer look. I found these shoes in my closet and fell in love with them again even though they aren't exactly made for walking. But the bright electric blue with the contrast of the bright orange was kind of uplifting to me. Kind of like sunshine and blue skies dontchathink? These are also another pair of thrifted DIY shorts that I made. These are less high waisted but I love the wash and how they fit. I would say this look is a little more feminine than my usual looks but I really enjoyed this and I hope you guys do too! 



  1. WOow There is a high content of "Vavavooooooom(icious)" prettiness in the way you flirt with these short denim shorts, more than charming I must add Dear !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. what can i write... You have such amazing body! First time I saw You (a minute ago) and i fell in love with You! I love how You look, your outfits and of course Your face <3 I follow You girl :) keep up the good work!

  3. The shoes are so pretty. Cobalt blue is my absolute favorite color. It's a great way to highlight the orange.

  4. You look gorgeous! And sooo jealous of your hair.. If only my hair looks half as good..

    Thank you for visiting my blog, dear. Come back soon!

    You have such a darling blog.. Definitely following you now!
    Would be great if you follow me back :)


  5. You are so pretty! I just love all of your outfits, they are perfect! ♥
    I'm a new reader, dear! :D Maybe you want to visit my blog, but it's more of beauty than fashion...I will visit your blog now on a regular basis! :D

  6. I love your haircut =)

    xxo Nissy

  7. I love the blue heels! They stand out soo much!
    I just stumbled upon your blog and it's so lovely!
    Def. following you! =)